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Waste2Wear expands its plastics recycling repertoire

The Waste2Wear initiative has developed a new way to upcycle the polypropylene from fridges and air conditioners into durable shopping bags.  

The process took two years to develop, alongside China’s Donghua University and other partners, and proved “challenging”.

The new non-woven and woven RPP textiles comply with the European REACH standard and are supplied with the Global Recycled Standard certification (GRS). The value chain of the fabrics is transparent, and is backed by blockchain technology.

In collaboration with Bagtrotter, the first  bags will be presented at the EuroShop trade fair, 16-20 February in Germany.

Waste2Wear was founded in 2007 by textile engineer Monique Maissan. It now operates in nine countries and has 80 employees.

Image: Ocean plastic collected by Waste2Wear, ready for a new life