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UK waste group offering grants for textile recycling projects


WRAP, the UK’s Waste and Resources Action Programme, is accepting applications for grants that will support projects exploring innovative ways for textile waste to be recycled or reused.

The grant money will total £1.5 million, awarded in increments between £20,000 and £170,000. It is available to organisations of any size, both commercial and not-for-profit, and can be used only on capital expenditure — for example, equipment or technologies, but not software and apps.

Match funding is required; commercial organisations are required to match 50%, while not-for-profits must match 10%. Successful projects, WRAP said, must demonstrate innovation that goes beyond conventional practices.

“We’re looking for really imaginative solutions to the barriers to textile recycling and re-use, such as new technologies, interventions or equipment that hasn’t been tried and tested before,” said Peter Maddox, director of WRAP UK. “We have had a tremendous response to previous Resource Action Fund grant funding offers, and I confidently expect a similar level of quality applications for this offer.”

The deadline for applications is June 18, 2020. More information and forms are available at