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Recycling milestone for Indorama


Bangkok-based fibre manufacturer Indorama has reached a milestone in its efforts to capitalise on the recyclability of polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

It began recycling PET bottles to produce recycled material for new bottles or fibre for other uses, including clothing, in 2011. It announced in late March that it had recycled bottle number 50 billion since the initiative began.

Furthermore, it committed to recycling the same total, 50 billion bottles, every year from 2025 onwards.

Earlier in the month, it announced a joint-venture with Coca-Cola to build a new recycling plant in the Philippines.

Its chief recycling officer, Yashovardhan Lohia, said on making the announcement: “No recyclable PET bottle should leak into our environment. We are building the recycling infrastructure the world needs. Our facilities close the loop and deliver a circular economy for PET bottles.”