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Arizona sportswear company moves manufacturing from China to US soil


After using facilities in China for the last 11 years, Colorado-based sports apparel company Epix Gear is “re-shoring” its apparel production with the opening of a manufacturing facility in Tempe, Arizona.

Called Race Rabbit Manufacturing, the facility will now produce the full range of the company’s triathlon, cycling and running apparel.

“We made the decision to move production back to the US as the business landscape has changed and US production is now a good choice for small, niche manufacturers,” said Jarek Barc, president at Epix Gear. “Through moving our production, we are supporting new jobs and growth in the local economy. It’s a move that resonates with our clients.”

Mr Barc said US manufacturing is cost competitive for custom-designed performance sports apparel in small or even individual order quantities. “We’ve found that there is no longer a relevant cost advantage to offshore production.”

The Race Rabbit facility imports raw materials for production primarily from Italy. All assembly is done in-house with sublimation printing, laser cutting, stitching and packaging. Mr Barc said the partnership with Race Rabbit will result in shorter lead times and a quicker response.

According to a press release from Epix, the US government has recently urged American companies to move out of China and reshore jobs but, it said, many of those that left China instead moved to a different offshore-sourcing country.