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Devan primes its antiviral solutions for textiles

Textile chemicals producer Devan has said it is ready for discussions with brands and retailers about supplying its antiviral solutions to the heathcare market.

It said it has received a lot of questions regarding an antiviral solution for textiles against Sars-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. 

“This is not a big surprise since we put BI-OME AV forward 3 years ago. Testing has been done in cooperation with Institut Pasteur de Lille,” said Devan CEO Sven Ghyselinck.

Devan studied enveloped viruses (e.g. H1N1, Corona-types.) as well as naked viruses (such as Rotavirus) and said BI-OME AV showed “strong to excellent” activity in wet state.

A common complication of respiratory viral disease can be a secondary bacterial infection, it said. Professionals could be helped with either an anti-bacterial on their facemask to reduce the chance for these secondary bacterial infections, for better hygiene and less odour build-up. On workwear, a combination of a virus spread-reducing and antibacterial solution could help as these garments are typically used during long hours, are non-disposable and most likely will be washed at home.

“Normal consumers are increasingly making their own facemasks,” added Mr Ghyselinck. “For face masks, the first line of viral protection is the pore size of the fabric or non-woven. Typical for these home-made facemasks is that the pore size of these masks are often not sufficient to block viruses from penetration. To reduce the risk of secondary contamination an anti-bacterial treatment could provide an extra line of protection.

“We are available for producers, brands and retailers for more in-depth discussions”, Sven adds. “We also have +30 ton of chemicals ready to ship throughout the world. Moreover, most of our distributors have local inventory standing for immediate use. Together we can overcome this!”